Advanced Solutions

Advanced solutions for your community’s unique needs 

CPS goes beyond other group purchasing organizations to provide complete solutions to improve your operations. We follow industry trends and understand the challenges senior living communities face. Our experts research these challenges and develop solutions that help our member communities thrive.  

As a member, you’ll get complete-solution packages where help is needed most. These solutions are designed to optimize resident care, reduce operating costs and improve your offerings — providing richer resident and employee experiences.  

We offer various advanced solutions that evolve as industry challenges change. Examples include indoor air quality, utility savings, employee retention and emergency preparedness. We’ll give you the resources to get the best results for your community. 


CPS Emergency Preparedness Plan

Care Purchasing Services partners with you to offer competitive rates on products and services critical to the health and safety of your community and residents during, before and after hurricane season.

Download Guide about CPS Emergency Preparedness Plan

Attention Florida: System4 can assist with Senate Bill 4-D Compliancy

If you're located in Florida, enlist System4 to keep you in compliance with Senate Bill 4-D.

Be Prepared about Attention Florida: System4 can assist with Senate Bill 4-D Compliancy

Utility Savings

Utility bills are complex, let our team assess your vendors, audit your utility bills, and research state and local programs to find potential savings in your utilities budget.

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Indoor Air Quality

The COVID-19 pandemic made us ever-aware of the importance of stopping the spread of viruses. Learn how indoor air quality contributes and how CPS vendors can help.

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CPS Telemedicine Programs

Telemedicine has become a critical component in Healthcare. Learn how CPS partners with CURAVI Health and Third Eye Health. 

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Memory Care Solutions

Let our CPS team and trusted partners help you create a Memory Care program designed to meet the unique needs of your community.


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