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Building Management Solutions To Drive Smarter Business Decisions

Care Purchasing Services (CPS) vendor partner Direct Supply TELS protects and strengthens the health of your buildings through integrated Life Safety, asset management, and facility maintenance solutions.

Maximize Equipment Performance

Asset management to oversee preventive maintenance, keep accurate repair and warranty records, and manage urgent service events.

Boost Staff Productivity

Tools to automate and streamline emergency, daily, and long-term maintenance, and mobile technology for management on the go.

Control Regulatory Compliance

Tasks, documentation and tools developed in collaboration with industry experts and state surveyors.


TELS Building Platform, created exclusively for Senior Living, helps you overcome common Life Safety, asset management and maintenance, and repair challenges.


TELS Building Services deploys providers who act as an extension of your staff, and work orders and repair records are automatically created in the TELS Building Platform.

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Building Management Solutions To Drive Smarter Business Decisions