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Produce Alliance - Weekly Market Report 2.9.23

Feb 15, 2023
Read about what is currently happening in the market pertaining to produce production, supplies, weather, and growth.

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Overview of the Weekly Market Report

In South Florida, as well as Mexico, we continue to see lighter than expected supply on slicer cucumber and yellow squash. Bell peppers are readily available, and quality is outstanding! Tomato production is much improved this week as well. The corn market will be very short as the fallout from last month’s freeze is now affecting the crop, causing extremely low yields and more loss than expected. The hot pepper market seems to be staying firm as cold temps and weather damage are causing shortfalls this season, with Serrano and Anaheim the highest priced and shortest available. Honeydew and cantaloupe have become quite a challenge due to cooler weather and will most likely not improve until mid-late February. Weather in Yuma is improving with only very slight chances of lettuce ice in the forecast going into next week. Cold temperatures at night in the San Luis, MX, growing region continue to delay asparagus crop maturity. Growers are expecting delays in production for the next 10-14 days. During this time, larger asparagus (extra-large and larger) is limited.

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