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About Us

Verdant is an industry leader in commercial energy management solutions. Verdant's energy saving thermostats and Verdant EI™ energy management service deliver significant energy savings without compromising guest comfort.

Verdant’s energy management thermostats combine smart occupancy sensors with patented software features to reduce energy consumption when rooms are unoccupied.

Their Verdant EI energy management experts remotely manage your property’s system to ensure optimal performance at all times.

How It Works

Learn how Verdant thermostats can cut your guestroom energy bills by up to 40%.


Why Choose Verdant

Optimal Savings

EI optimizes system settings in real time, ensuring you get the maximum energy savings possible.

Quick Payback

Verdant's system typically pays for itself in 12-18 months with utility rebates covering up to 50% of costs.

Fully Automated

EI completely automates room energy management at your property, without any involvement from your staff.


Install each room in less than 10 minutes with the help of our technical support team.

Complete Coverage

Lifetime warranty and all software updates are included with Verdant EI.

Human Assisted

Verdant’s specialists customize the system to meet your specific goals.

A Look At Verdant EI System

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