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Relias advances healthcare talent and measurably improves outcomes. Our unique integration of best-in-class content with easy-to-use administrative tools creates customer-focused solutions that increase retention, elevate care quality, and reduce risk.

Relias Post-Acute Care Solutions

The training and development hub for your entire staff across all your service lines.


Role-based instruction, including continuing education, point-of-care microlearning, and setting-specific compliance courses for direct-care staff, administration, and support employees in each of your service lines. Click the link below to see all of the solutions that Relias offers, as well as example topics and users for each.

Post-Acute Care Solutions

Must-Have Learning Management Platform Features

Learning management platforms are no longer luxuries. For your organization and staff  to reach their full potential, you must adopt solutions that enable you to effectively support your employees’ learning needs and desires.


Click the link below to see all the features Relias covers!

Learning Management Fact Sheet

Additional Resources

Post-Acute Care Survival Guide

Learn more in the link below where Relias provides:

  • Insight on what surveyors expect from your facility
  • Tips to make survey readiness an everyday state
  • Tactics and techniques to perform a self-audit
  • Information on how best to organize your data
    PAC Survival Guide

Choosing the Right LMS

Read the e-book linked below to learn:

  • The benefits of leveraging a learning management platform to achieve your organization’s compliance requirements and advance your employees’ development
  • What tools, services, and features post-acute care leaders should consider crucial for their learning management platform
  • How to pick the tools and technology that best fit your organization’s needs and goals

Competence in Dementia Care

Learn more in the e-book linked below where Relias investigates:

  • The current landscape of dementia care and future needs
  • How past treatments have evolved into today’s person-centered care
  • Specialized education that will empower your staff with essential tactics and techniques
  • How your team benefits when you invest in their learning and development
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