Employee Recruitment and Retention

With the COVID-19 pandemic, senior living communities are finding that hiring qualified candidates is becoming the biggest challenge, while employee turnover falls to the secondary challenge. Communities and associations are bustling to develop recruitment and retention strategies that align with the stress and fears of their employees. Some strategies include flexible scheduling, affordable childcare, free meals, extra uniforms, transportation services, sick leave, paid family and medical leave, mental health benefits and many more.

Communication between communities and employees is a vital strategy. Utilizing the messaging features through a workforce technology solution has been reliable, effective and a best practice to inform the employees regarding policy changes, new CDC regulations, testing protocols, as well as messages of encouragement and gratitude. Additionally, leadership teams are able to seek feedback from the frontline employees to discover and resolve issues, providing immediate support to the frontline and fostering strong relationships. As well as current employees, communication with candidates is crucial to keep them engaged throughout the hiring process.

Hiring the right candidate really does matter. Seeking candidates that are compatible and will contribute to the culture, as culture retains employees. Plus, residents and families need consistent and quality care through the relationships that will be built with these candidates. Consider talent acquisition technology that will assist with hiring top candidates quickly, staff consistently and efficiently for high quality care, increase productivity and decrease recruitment costs.

Employees are experiencing more stress and working long hours, disrupting their home life, creating a real risk of burnout. Understanding employee obligations outside of work and giving them more control over their schedules will improve culture and retention. Scheduling technology is easy and convenient, offering employees the opportunity to manage their own schedules, pick up shifts that are suitable for their schedule, and overall provide work-life balance.

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OnShift is designed for senior living providers, offering predictive and intuitive tools to find and recruit talent, make quality hires, engage employees and optimize their workforce for service excellence, improved productivity and greater profitability.

CliniShift can reduce over-reliance on agency staff, grow staff recruitment and increase retention across clinical and non-clinical staff. It is uniquely designed to help manage scheduling needs and a platform for staff engagement. CliniShift’s base functionality provides a strong starting point for developing successful staff retention and recruitment programs at senior living organizations.

IntelliCorp provides comprehensive employment screening services to help minimize risk and determine the quality of your new hires.

LeaderStat is a national recruiting and consulting firm dedicated to senior living, placing top performers in key roles on an interim, retained, and contingency basis and assisting communities in a variety of operational areas.


To learn more about the CPS vendor partners that can assist you with recruitment and retention, contact Tiffany Spooner at 603-935-7923 or spoonertiffany@carepurchasing.com.