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Nation’s Largest Post Acute Telehealth Network

Third Eye Health empowers long-term care organizations to reduce hospital readmissions and provide higher acuity care.

When a resident is in need of immediate medical care, with the touch of a button, the nurse can contact a specially trained physician through secure video and text messaging. This service allows for immediate care and attention to be given to the resident any time, day or night.

One inappropriate transfer can cost at least $2000

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Third Eye Health Benefits

Reduced return-to-hospital rate by providing proactive care and managing residents in place

  • Night and weekend telehealth medical care
  • 24/7 care coordination with your medical and nursing staff as well as with your health system partners
  • Integrated with your electronic health record

Results For Your Community

  • Improve care quality
  • Reduce value based purchasing penalties
  • Manage higher acuity patients
  • Increase hospital referrals based on improved outcomes
  • Increase physician and nursing staff retention
  • Improve resident and family satisfaction
  • Enhance community profitability

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Nation’s Largest Post Acute Telehealth Network