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Founded in 2013, Spiceology is the fastest-growing spice company in America. Chef-owned-and-operated, Spiceology offers over 300 raw ingredients, ground domestically in small-batches and shipped fresh directly to chefs and foodservice establishments nationwide. With over 100 innovative custom blends (including salt free options), Spiceology is also able to provide consistent, repeatable and scalable flavor solutions for FS operators of all sizes while helping to reduce labor, cost and inefficiencies. Our recognizable Periodic Table of Flavor branding has become an iconic kitchen staple, and chefs around the world trust Spiceology in their kitchens for our commitment to: Selection, Organization, Freshness, and Innovation. 

All Of The Flavor, None Of The SALT

Spiceology’s 17 delicious, innovative salt-free blends were formulated to provide a flavorful boost for those opting for a salt-free diet, required or not.

Salt Free One Pager

TART – a.k.a. that bright and sour ping that gets your salivary glands a-goin’.

Read more about Spiceology's tart-tastic blends and ingredients and the difference they can make below!

Tart One Pager

Spiceology Value Props


Ban the bland - we source the best ingredients, grind fresh and ship fresh for prime aroma, taste and color.


Our unique flavor combinations are ultra versatile – your application options are endless.


We believe in using real flavors like actual vegetable and fruit powders, not flavorings or fillers.


Get instant consistency that saves money and prep time without sacrificing innovation.

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