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SoftBank Robotics is a trusted market leader in integrating robotic solutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences, in service industries including senior living and healthcare.  Our solutions (including Whiz and S50) are award-winning, designed to optimize operations and automate services where work effort and service quality are critical to driving revenue, by providing the best customer experience.


Whiz: The Commercial Robot Vacuum

Whiz can be trained to cover sections of floor area and then can clean and navigate on its own, avoiding people and obstacles – and can notify you if it needs any assistance along the way.

S60 Pro: The Robotic Floor Scrubber

S50 Pro is a 3 in 1 scrubbing, dry sweeping and mopping robot with a 5-stage filtration system that recycles water, reducing freshwater consumption by 75%. It can be trained to cover sections of floor area, and then navigates and cleans autonomously with obstacle avoidance and auto-stop safety features.

SoftBank Robotics Solutions' Value to Members

  • Lock-in cost of large area floor cleaning.
  • Capitalize the cost of floor cleaning (financed lease options available).
  • Guaranteed floor cleaning labor availability, and time back to staff to focus on higher touch tasks/activities.

What Sets SoftBank Robotics Apart from Others?

  • Our solutions are tried-and-true commercial robotics, with more than 30,000 operating worldwide, the largest number of any autonomous mobility robotics provider globally.
  • SoftBank Robotics’ industry-leading rollout program, designed for senior living and healthcare, is supported by our hands-on Deployment and Customer Success teams.
  • SoftBank Robotics Connect is our proprietary data and reporting platform that provides users and fleet managers with actionable data-based insights to help drive productivity, efficiency, and robot effectiveness. 
  • As a recognized Inc. Power Partner in 2023, our programs are focused on maximizing value and driving robotic adoption for our partners, by ensuring delivery of agreed to success metrics.

The Results in Senior Living

Put residents, family members, and employees at ease. Gain 50% more time for deep cleaning & sanitizing while also achieving:

  • 2X improvement in overall cleanliness.
  • 8X improvement in dust control.
  • 50% cleaner floors compared to manual vacuuming.
  • Improved air quality over traditional vacuuming.
  • Confirmation of clean.
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