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Smart Rain’s goal is to help commercial properties save time, money, and water via well designed, advanced landscaping and irrigation systems.

Smart Rain was founded in 2012 with a mission to put a stop to overwatering on commercial properties. Not only does this protect our planet’s fresh water, but it also helps property managers save money and time on water system management. Smart irrigation systems are the most efficient way to prevent overwatering, as they monitor water usage and shut off lines when no more water is needed.

About Smart Rain

Why Choose Smart Rain?

At Smart Rain, we bring our mission of water conservation and value to your property. Our products are compatible with any type of property, including retail spaces, parks and recreation areas, and office complexes.

The results speak for themselves:

In just under a decade of business, we’ve saved our customers over one billion gallons of water, $3 million on water bills, and hundreds of thousands of hours of labor.

Our average yearly savings per customer:

Hours Saved - 150

Money Saved - $26,000

Gallons Saved - 4,000,000

The Value to Members

Smart Rain is in the business of saving our clients’ time, money, and water while delivering the healthy, vibrant landscape they want. Our one-of-a-kind technology plays out in our app with:

  • Customizable dashboard views
  • Interactive zone maps
  • Dedicated system reporting
  • Real-time water flows
  • System notifications
  • Forecasted calendar views
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