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CPS is pleased to announce our partnership with Shaw Contract Group: The Apartment Carpet Program, delivering you world-class service and unprecedented savings.

No Change in Installers

  • The program can be established with your current installer. Shaw will work directly with them, eliminating the stress of changing providers.
  • Shaw can recommend an installer from among their outstanding group of quality, reliable and dependable installers available in your area.

Reduced Turnaround Time

  • The Apartment Carpet Program guarantees that once you have made you product selection, the carpet will be available for installation within 48 hours – Now that’s great turnaround!

Unbeatable Carpet Selection and Savings

  • Shaw Contract Group carpet leads the market in beautiful and practical design options. This program gives you amazing flexibility in your choice of carpet products at increased savings.

No Storage

  • The carpet will not be stored at the apartment community. This saves you from the inconvenience of using your already limited storage space.

Environmentally Sustainable Carpet

  • Shaw Contract Group carpet with EcoWorx® PVC-free backing comes with an Environmental Guarantee: Shaw will pick up, transport, and recycle the material into more EcoWorx® at no cost to the customer.
  • Eco Solution Q premium branded nylon contains 25 percent recycled content and is completely recyclable, reducing waste and the use of raw materials.

Design is . . . Comforting

  • Carpet provides sound absorption
  • Carpet has been proven to significantly reduce injuries doe to accidental falls
  • Carpet brings beauty to the healthcare setting


  • Lifetime warranties for edge ravel, delamination, and water
  • Products passing AATCC174 (antimicrobial)
  • Healthcare specific maintenance guidelines
  • Urine odor control solutions


  • Highly trained salesforce focused on the healthcare market
  • Healthcare engineered products
  • Over 4,500 different pattern/color combinations
  • Additional hard surface offerings
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Testimonial from Human Good: “It is because of your actions that the Plymouth Village’s project will still be timely and more importantly we have one happy Executive Director. I truly appreciate the partnership you have created with the flooring installers and with our teams. Again, you saved the day and I want to make sure you know how appreciative of you HumanGood is!!! Thank you again for all you do to support our communities!!!”