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Over the past 100 years, Royal Cup Coffee and Tea has grown from its small, hometown roots to become a major importer, roaster and distributor of the world’s finest specialty and premium coffees and teas. Royal Cup’s reach extends throughout the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean, serving customers in the food service, hospitality, office and specialty coffee markets.

Our strong history is a big part of who we are today, but our company’s story still is being written. With appreciation and reverence, we acknowledge the past; with excitement and optimism, we work towards the future. We invite you to join us on this journey and become a part of the Royal Cup story.

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Our Process

Royal Cup operates one of the nation's most extensive Food Service and Office Coffee route delivery systems, allowing fresh products to be delivered directly to businesses across the country. Royal Cup is involved in the entire supply chain process, from sourcing, roasting, packaging, distributing, and serving our coffees and teas across the United States.


Royal Cup is committed to buying and serving high-quality coffee that is responsibly grown and ethically traded. We show this commitment through our responsible coffee purchasing practices, dedication to aid and growing the farms we work with and partnerships with organizations dedicated to the origins in which coffee is grown. These organizations include the National Coffee Association, Specialty Coffee Association of America, Quality Assurance International and World Coffee Research, among many others.

We believe all of these efforts help foster a better future for farmers and in turn mitigate the impacts of climate change for the planet. Every year we seek to increase our ability to import and roast greater quantities of coffees with environmental certifications, such as Fair Trade, QAI, USDA Organic, and Rain Forest Alliance. We are also dedicated in developing long-term relationships with importers and exporters from around the Globe and our regular visits to the producing countries reveal how well the farms we work with are managed and how well the workers are treated on these farms.

Roasting & Packing

Royal Cup takes pride in our ability to roast and package the world’s finest coffees. Our manufacturing capabilities have led us to be able to provide solutions to all our customers’ needs. Whether you are a stand-alone proprietor or a mega chain, we have the ability to work with you to provide the exact product you need in order for your business to be successful. Our roasters produce some of the most specific roast profiles in the Industry and our packaging capabilities allow our customers a variety of brewing platforms that services their customers a great cup every time.

Quality Control

Quality Control - If quality is a banner you raise, then you better have the process in place to back it up. At Royal Cup, we put product quality at the forefront of what we do. Royal Cup operates under a HACCP based system and are committed to meeting and exceeding all regulatory and customer requirements by continually reviewing, analyzing, and improving our food safety and quality system.


We’ll listen to your vision and work with you to design a custom program to properly meet your needs.


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