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Vector97 is a full-service waste and recycling resource that focuses on increasing hauler/recycler bill accuracy, elevating visibility, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs. They are not waste haulers ~ they manage waste contractors, applying a powerful Big-Data approach to get the best prices, secure favorable contractual terms, audit invoices electronically, and provide comprehensive reporting so you can better manage the waste aspect of your operations with ease.

Senior Living Case Study

Two communities enrolled in the RS program, after renegotiated new rates and terms for four months, there was 26.29% ($18,543.84) net savings after RS fees. In addition, RS identified and corrected 6 billing errors on the first 31 invoices eliminating $5,692.23 in overcharges.  Click here to learn more about the case study

Our Approach:

  • Data and Program Analysis – RS reviews every aspect of our client’s’ waste and recycling services allowing us to execute strategies and solutions that focus on efficiencies.
  • Program Optimization – RS presents options to our clients, secure agreements with favorable terms and safely store copies of all contracts and electronically audit every invoice.
  • Intelligent Solutions – RS executes the strategies developed to create efficiencies throughout the workflow. Our onboarding ensures implementation of the pricing and services and then all data on and off the invoice is captured, stored and presented via robust standard reporting in the RS proprietary waste workflow management system, ProRefuse™.
  • Single Source Solution – One number Customer Service nationally, assigned Trash Team with dedicated trash professionals, flexible billing structures to meet your company’s needs, expert contract management and double blind, line by line, audit of every invoice.

Benefits Summary – In addition to a net cost reduction of 10% or more

  • An assigned Trash Team at your disposal via one number for all waste issues nationally
  • RS as your waste hauling and recycling department and manages every aspect of your waste and recycling program nationally.
  • Customized payment management services at no cost; individual, bulk, bill pay, direct pay
  • Automatic electronic auditing and reconciliation included
  • Standard detailed reporting; diversion, invoice details, recycling analysis, aging and more
  • Customized reporting at no additional cost
  • Visibility into your waste stream – deep data and decisional dashboards
  • Easy to enroll; Agreement, Letter of Authorization, Most Recent Invoice and List of Locations
  • Market leverage by managing $100MM+ of waste spend
  • 20+ years of relationships with 1,600 waste contractor executives/owners means influence for you
  • Unprecedented technology with the RS’ proprietary ProRefuse® database, means detailed operational knowledge and actual-cost info to increase your NOI
  • ProRefuse® auditing engine means electronic scraping and auditing of every invoice for more savings

They have combined industry experts with the RS proprietary enterprise software, ProRefuse™, to give you the best of both worlds – human expertise, customized bulk billing solutions, one number consolidated customer service, backed by data, all designed to drive down your cost and increase transparency.


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