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Scalable, Flexible, and Reliable Fiber Optic Networks for Senior Living Organizations

Qypsys provides CPS members with fiber infrastructure solutions to resolve bandwidth issues and create new revenue streams.


Challenge: Traditional copper-based networks are slow and unreliable and lack the flexibility and scalability to keep pace with rapidly growing bandwidth demand.

Solution: Qypsys’ Converged Network Solutions support key access technologies (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Cellular) safely and securely across a single unified fiber optic backbone, eliminating connectivity concerns and expanding as demand rises. Services that integrate with Qypsys’ fiber network include:

  • Resident Phone, Internet, and TV (“Triple Play”)
  • Nurse Call
  • Wander Management
  • Telemedicine
  • Life Safety Systems
  • Virtual Reality Platforms
  • Smart Living Systems (e.g., Alexa)


Qypsys’ internally-controlled broadband solution delivers phone, internet, and video to residents, giving control to the operator and producing a revenue stream to offset capital expenditures and in-house IT staff.


Challenge: Coverage and capacity provided by today’s macro networks cannot meet the exponential growth in wireless demand over the next five years.

Solution:Qypsys’ DAS solution moves ownership from the Wireless Service Providers (WSP) to the building owner or a third party, increasing the likelihood of WSP participation, decreasing the time to establish a working system, and allowing the owner to retain control of technology decisions/upgrades.

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