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At Pineapple Academy, we are dedicated to delivering essential information and creative ideas by subject matter experts and industry partners through our efficient online training and operational solutions for Foodservice and EVS.

The desire to help raise those standards through training in a cost-effective way so that it is accessible to everyone is the drive behind all that we do. By providing knowledge, tools and support for all employees, from entry level staff to senior management, we empower them to create a more consistent and enjoyable experience for their residents.

What makes Pineapple Academy different from others?

  • Micro-training videos that are 5 minutes or less, increasing employee engagement in training
  • Demonstrations by industry experts vs. PowerPoint training
  • Designed for Individual or Group training
  • Job Role training creating career paths for employee growth and retention
  • Customizable training to meet your community needs

Benefits you can expect from Pineapple Academy

  • Turnkey L&D focused on frontline Culinary/Foodservice staff
  • Provides skill training so that you can be job ready faster
  • Fundamentals-first approach
  • Utilization of online learning with micro-training videos (5 minutes or less) that meet the employee anytime, any place and on any device

Value to members

  • Decreased onboarding time for new employees
  • Reduction in employee turnover, resulting in increased retention
  • Improve staffing efficiencies through cross training and leadership development
  • Reduction in safety incidents
  • Increased productivity
  • Food cost reductions

New Pineapple "Core" Training Plan

Pineapple Academy Core Plan

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