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The Most Powerful Virtual Reality Solution for Senior Living Communities

MyndVR provides Senior Living Communities with a research-based Virtual Reality platform that combats isolation, improves quality of life, and lifts the spirits of our aging population.

The Benefits go beyond entertainment

  • An effective method of reminiscence, distraction, and recreational therapy
  • Allows shared experiences that enhance the patient-caregiver relationship
  • Provides seniors with the opportunity to relive past experiences and create new memories
  • Empowers isolated seniors with the ability to virtually explore the world

Where would you like to go?

With the largest library of senior-friendly Virtual Reality content and new releases every month, MyndVR empowers older adults to transcend their four walls and reclaim the world that age and disability have placed out of their grasp.

  • Take a gondola tour of Venice
  • Skydive through the Swiss Alps
  • Go road tripping down Route 66
  • Ease your mind through guided meditations

Exploring the world has never been this easy

  • Simple out-of-the-box setup
  • Friendly design and clear navigation
  • MyndVR CareTablet – Allows shared experiences for group activities

Watch how MyndVR is enhancing life in Senior Living Communities:

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The Most Powerful Virtual Reality Solution for Senior Living Communities