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Building Community, One Meal At A Time

As part of CCL Hospitality Group, Morrison Living is a nation-wide leader in dining services. We believe that a culinary experience, aligned with your culture and your residents’ dining preferences, is the heartbeat that makes your community one of a kind.

Client Story: Blakeford Senior Life

By partnering with Morrison Living, Blakeford prioritized venue renovations, resulting in an optimized workflow, improved resident satisfaction, and positioning the community for future occupancy.


If you'd like to read the full Blakeford Senior Life case study, click here!

Our Services

  • Personalized Dining
  • Nutrition & Wellness
  • Retail & Design
  • Staffing Solutions

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Menu & Venue Options for Senior Living

  • Healthy and indulgent, comfort-food options
  • Venues offering everything from grab-and-go options to casual “bar food” and chef-crafted cuisine
  • Easy-to-understand ingredients that inform diners of allergens and taste profiles
  • Dishes that accommodate dietary preferences, such as vegan and vegetarian
  • Options for people with special dietary requirements, including low salt, dairy free, sugar free and low fat
  • Reference to local and sustainable food sources
  • Handheld options for those who have difficulty using utensils
  • High-quality purees and texture-modified options for those with difficulty swallowing
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