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All the Love. Zero House-Training.

At Joy for All Companion Pets, our innovative products help alleviate leading issues including social isolation, loneliness, & cognitive decline, by delivering joy, fun and happiness to improve quality of life.

CPS partners with Ageless Innovation, the maker of the Joy for All Companion Pets, to bring the comfort, joy, and fun of a companion pet to your senior living organization. Joy for All Companion Pets react when you pet them. They even wag and shake their tails. Most importantly, they provide a soothing, therapeutic, and joyful experience for the whole family.

Joy for All Companion Pets - Pets and Owners

Joy for All Companion Pets

Cats: look, feel, and sound like the real thing

  • Respond to petting with realistic purring
  • Cat-like movements inspired by real felines
  • Soft, premium fur for tactile interactions
  • Available in orange tabby, silver, and tuxedo

Golden Pup: is the perfect puppy with love to give

  • Reacts to your voice with realistic barking
  • Responds to motion with subtle movements
  • Lifelike coat and authentic puppy sounds
  • Feel the heartbeat with your calming touch

Help Enrich the Lives of your Residents, Staff, and Family Members

To order your Joy for All Companion Pet, visit www.joyforall.com.
Use discount code CPS12 to save 12% on your companion pet.

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