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This community provides residents access to It’s Never 2 Late® (iN2L). This state-of-the-art  system combines touch screen computers with intuitive, picture-based software and an extensive, continually updated content library.

Connection with Family and Friends

Super simple e-mail and Skype® encourage regular interaction with family and friends.

My Story

iN2L helps bring words and photos together to tell stories, share history and help residents and staff get to know each other.


Want to play cards or learn about other places? The iN2L library is extensive including; history, travel, movies, classic television, art and music.

Therapy and Fitness

Stay active by riding a bike on scenic routes, flying an airplane, solving puzzles, participating in Sit and Be Fit™ and more.

Mental Stimulation

Activities like trivia, quizzes, games and puzzles in iN2L are designed to be entertaining and help exercise the mind. iN2L also includes noted brain fitness programs like Happy Neuron.™

Spiritual Support

Sermons, hymns and inspirational videos are a few of the options iN2L offers to supplement spirituality.

"You don’t need any computer experience to use the iN2L computer system. Touch a picture on the screen to navigate and enjoy It’s Never 2 Late. Technology to help you stay active and connected.”

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