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Therapy Experts in Rehabilitation and Wellness Services

HealthPRO® Heritage offers world-class therapy management services for CPS member organizations, delivering the optimal quality of care with exceptional outcomes and impressive bottom-line results.

HealthPRO® Heritage, one of the largest independently owned, diversified therapy and related service providers in the country, provides proactive care that can minimize risk of decline and/or move out. Their holistic approach to partnership can help your community thrive by offering:

  • Defined post-surgical programming for residents returning home
  • Tailored memory care programs focused on ability and optimal quality of life and function
  • A comprehensive, multi-faceted wellness program with defined educational events
  • A collaborative model of care with home health providers
  • Niche program development to support census growth
  • Market analytics to inform strategy

Proactive Senior Living

With deep experience working with senior living providers, HealthPRO® Heritage’s proven model of transitional care uses innovative programming to engage residents at various points in their aging process, meaningfully improving quality of life along the way. And, a vibrant therapy program makes your community more attractive to prospective residents and their families.

Flexible Partnership Solutions

HealthPRO® Heritage provides organizations a choice between (1) a truly innovative in-house therapy management partnership model and (2) a more traditional full service/outsourced/contract therapy approach. Their clients receive superior customer service with impressive outcomes, including:

  • Cost management/revenue enhancement strategies that improve net margin
  • Sophisticated performance metrics via proprietary technology system
  • Dedicated health care reform and proposed PDPM payment reform expertise
  • The industry’s foremost innovative clinical platform for enhanced patient satisfaction
  • Compliance excellence for protection and risk mitigation
  • Clinical programming and pathways that produce outcomes and drive clinical metrics
  • Outstanding therapists and managers dedicated to a patient-focused, customer-centric approach
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