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Standby Generators for Your Emergency Preparedness Plan

Care Purchasing Services (CPS) partners with Generac Industrial Power, a world-class manufacturer of power generation equipment, to provide solutions for your emergency power needs.

The CPS Generac Program provides average savings of 3–15% versus traditional channels. Generac offers sizing guidance, engineering support, and a vast knowledge of the regulatory environment.

Onsite Generator Benefits

  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Greater resident peace of mind
  • Increased facility marketability-safety
  • Increased operational efficiency

Generac Core Business: Commercial and Industrial

  1. Mobile Engine Driven Equipment: Mobile Gens, Light Towers, Heaters, Pumps
  2. Stationary Engine Driven Equipment: Commercial Industrial Generators, Controls, and ATS
  3. Industrial Fuels: Natural Gas, Bi-Fuel, Propane, Diesel

Generac’s referral network includes service/maintenance agreements, rental products, fueling programs, installation, design/engineering, and financing.

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