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Let Ecolab help keep pests out of your facility and off your mind. No one needs to tell you what a pest sighting by a patient can do to your reputation and brand image, or how persistent pest activity can impact your bottom line in terms of patient satisfaction, health code violations, and more. When you partner with Ecolab you can have confidence that you are maintaining a clean, pest-free facility. Our experienced and highly trained Service Specialists are armed with proven service protocols and the industry’s most innovative products and equipment. You can count on them to help keep pests out of your facility and off your mind.

Enhance patient and staff safety by eliminating pests.

  • Proactive pest protection helps break pests as a vector for secondary infections.
  • Zone-specific service concentrates on critical areas where pest activity impacts patient health the most.
  • Service schedule is tailored to your needs, so problems can be taken care of quickly and effectively.

Ensure patient satisfaction by providing a clean, pest-free environment.

  • Highly trained Service Specialists focus on proactive solutions, to help prevent pest issues before they become problems.
  • Patient-centric approach leverages non-chemical solutions where possible, to maintain a pest-free environment while reducing the risk to immuno-sensitive patients.

Pass inspections and comply with audit requirements.

  • Experienced Service Specialists know JCAHO and other regulatory and audit requirements and will consult with you to ensure you have the proper compliance processes and documentation in place.
  • Service Specialists inspect and document issues that contribute to pest activity, detailing corrective measures you can take before your next inspection.

Help prevent the spread of secondary infections.

Designed exclusively for the demands of healthcare and long-term care providers, our program delivers everything you need to keep your facility pest free.

  • Proactive protection from ants, cockroaches, rodents, flies and occasional invaders
  • Highly trained Service Specialists who are sensitive to the unique needs of a healthcare setting
  • Service schedule tailored to your needs
  • Detailed documentation and regulatory guidance
  • Products and service protocols designed to deliver high-quality service with low total environmental impact
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