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Drug Free Compliance, Inc. (DFC) offers drug and/or alcohol screening for companies with one location or several locations throughout the country.

Since 1994, Drug Free Compliance, Inc. (DFC) has offered drug and/or alcohol screening for companies with one location or several locations throughout the country. Drug Free Workplace Policies prepared for our clients comply with the laws of their state and the Federal Government. We are experts in helping companies implement their drug free workplace for the first time and to make sure they follow all legal regulations, as well as assist companies in an easy transition in changing their drug test vendor. We provide a hands-on, personal approach and are able to assist each employer in meeting the needs of their company.

In addition to providing all necessary materials (random selections and supplies are at no additional cost), DFC has joined with Quest Diagnostics, and Laboratory Corporation and MedTox in their recent implementation of paperless Chain-of-Custody forms. Numerous clients of DFC have been utilizing this process and find it extremely beneficial for saving time and paper and gives them a heads up on issues regarding late arrival or unusual behavior within the collection sites.

We are partnered with Scott Roberts and Associates LLC for background reports for our clients. The owners of Scott Roberts have decades of Police and Security experience and apply their expertise in their services. We are proud to offer this service and invoicing for both drug screens and backgrounds are incorporated in one invoice.

Our Services

Sample Drug Screening Services

5-Panel Drug Test

​Opiate (Herion, Smack, Morphine) Cocaine (Crack) Amphetamine / Methamphetaine (Uppers, Speed) Marijuana (THC) Phencyclidine (Angle Dust, PCP)

​10-Panel Drug Test

Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamine / Methamphetamine, Marijuana (THC) Phencyclidine (Angle Dust, PCP) Barbiturates (Downers) Benzodiazepines (Downers) (Xanax) Methadone, Proposyphene, Methoqualone

10-Panel with Expanded Opiates

All drugs listed in the 10-Panel above, PLUS Oxycodone, Oxymorphone, Hydromorphone and Ecstacy

Sample Background Screening

US Sex Offender Search


Terrorist Watch List


Felony Misdemeanor Traffic Records

Over 450 million records and re-verified at the reporting source, Statewide and Federal

SSN Validation & US OneTrace

SSN includes State and year of issuance and check against death master index. OneTrace provides a name and address based upon the SSN.

Alias and/or Maiden Name Scan

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