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Why our mark matters

Dairy is what we do. It represents our greater purpose. It's our passion, our heritage and our future. It’s a symbol of all the hard work that goes into making every day more joyful. This mark represents the wholesomeness of milk, the delight in every bowl of ice cream and anything and everything that has to do with cheese. Our mark is special because it represents the diverse community of family farmers who bring fresh dairy and happiness to families like yours.

Our Brands

When you purchase any of these familiar brands, you can take pride that you're supporting local family farmers while feeding your family the fresh, wholesome dairy that makes just about every meal even better.

  • Alta Dena Dairy
  • Borden Cheese
  • Breakstone's Butter Cache Valley
  • Cass Clay
  • Country Fresh
  • Creamland Dairy
  • Dairy Maid Dairy
  • Dean's Dairy
  • Falfurrias Butter
  • Garelick Farms
  • Gandy's Dairy
  • Guida's Dairy
  • Hotel Bar Butter
  • Hygeia Dairy
  • Jilbert Dairy
  • Keller's Creamery Butter
  • Kemps
  • La Vaquita
  • Lehigh Valley Dairy Farms
  • Live Real Farms
  • Meadow Gold Dairy
  • Oak Farms Dairy
  • Oakhurst Dairy
  • PET
  • Plugra Butter
  • Price's Dairy
  • Purity Dairy
  • Reiter Dairy
  • Sport Shake
  • Swiss Premium Dairy
  • T.G. Lee Dairy
  • Tuscan Dairy Farms

Our Recipes

We're obsessed with dairy, which is why we're always dreaming up new ways to use our favorite ingredients at home in our kitchens. The vast collection of recipes from our very own Half & Half magazine, along with mouthwatering recipes from our family of brands, is all you need to celebrate the delicious versatility of dairy in your own home.

try recipes from our half and half magazine here

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