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ComplianceLine is on a mission to make the world a better workplace by giving leaders who care actionable insight, tools, and services to mitigate risks, engage employees, and build strong cultures.

At the core of every effective compliance program is a person who cares. Giving that person, or group of people, the tools, information, and resources they need is the key to unlocking your organization’s potential.

ComplianceLine is dedicated to providing in-depth, multifaceted software solutions that prioritize people. We’re supplying compliance professionals around the world with the tools they need to take action. Issue intake methods that give a human voice to the process. Full service credential monitoring, built for the highest standards of the healthcare industry. Crisis line services, exit interviews, training resources, and much more to give your organization the power to enact change.

ComplianceLine Services

Dynamic Issue Intake

Secure 24/7 worldwide reporting via phone hotline, web, mobile, text, and more

Case Management

Everything you need for a single source of truth for all your ethics issues

Screening & Monitoring

Thorough checks of all necessary databases with adaptive intelligence search to make your work smarter and easier

Disclosures & Investigations

Take action and gain transparency on important issues like Conflict of Interest, Policy Violations, and more

Engagement & Training

Empower every employee to identify and protect against risk with awareness and training programs

Insights and Analytics

Chart your course to better risk management with robust, easy reports, benchmarking, and best practices

ComplianceLine Solutions

  • Hotline and Case Management Solutions
  • Smart Screening and Monitoring Services
  • Training and Communications
  • Disclosures
  • Specialty Solutions
  • Data, Insight, and Analytics System

ComplianceLine Features

  • 24/7/365 toll free call center
  • Unique number assigned to every customer.
  • NO CALL QUEUES EVER USED. Every Call answered by LIVE operator
  • Customized Greeting for your Toll-Free number
  • Online Case Management Reporting
  • Customized Directives to ensure each call is handled the way You Want
  • Immediate Notification, 24 Hours-a-Day, for Severity situations
  • Online Web Reports for Employees
  • Case, Tracking and Reporting, Analytics
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We believe people matter most of all, and the workplace must be a place where employees thrive, are protected, and make a difference in the community regardless of their background.