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Why choose CliniShift to optimize your workforce?

CliniShift is a superior shift scheduling software designed for healthcare managers and it also serves as an information and communication platform.

As a manager, are you tired of filling open shifts using clunky manual processes such as excel spreadsheets, emails, text messages and even verbally and is your staff already stressed out and overworked caring for their patients, while also trying to strike a healthy work-life balance? CliniShift helps you with all of these challenges by offering a handy shift management system and mobile app.

CliniShift is an e-resourcing software suite providing an information, communication platform which enables healthcare managers to reach out to their own internal staff to ensure non-scheduled or open shifts are filled at short notice. It encompasses both the CliniShift App and the CliniShift Manager. Our algorithms produce powerful request queues based on staff members’ booking patterns and preferences and their engagement with the app. CliniShift‘s broadcast functionality enables managers to send out short bulletins of information to groups of staff.

How can CliniShift help?

  • A web based, mobile application solution to fill open shifts and manage staffing requirements.
  • Staff can share their planned availability with managers up to three months in advance, or mark themselves as busy, avoiding any unnecessary shift requests
  • Staff can view a log of their booked shifts, broadcast history, request to cancel a shift, and can also request unplanned or annual leave from their manager
  • The CliniShift Schedule Builder enables Managers to edit, share and publish staffs permanent roster hours from the CliniShift Manager.
  • Reports around staffing metrics, agency and OT use are available in real time to assist in staffing optimization.
  • Broadcast – Send out bulletins of information relating to quick changes in protocols as well as updates to a staff member’s department.

Our technology can reduce over reliance on agency staff, grow staff recruitment and increase retention across clinical and non-clinical staff, such as nurses, doctors, facilities management, admin and catering services. CliniShift’s platform is uniquely designed to help manage scheduling needs for clinical, dietary and environmental workers and provides a platform for engagements with these staff members. CliniShift’s base functionality provides a strong starting point for developing a successful staff retention and recruitment program at long-term care and senior living organizations.

What we do for long-term care and senior living organizations. 

  • Manual schedules where there is a lack of visibility between management & staff – Emails, phone and verbal communication are often time consuming and inefficient. The CliniShift platform will streamline communication, increase visibility, and better schedule coordination between management and staff
  • Not enough time spent caring for your elderly patients – most often due to missed shifts or staff call outs; patients and their families become frustrated and worried about the care of their elderly relatives. CliniShift will better enable shift tracking and last minute shift coverage with our managers platform to increase patient satisfaction, reduce complaints and ensure your organization is serving the needs of its residents.
  • Staff efficiency and burnout – CliniShift allows staff to manage their own schedules and communicate more easily with managers to fill additional or last minutes shifts that fit into their daily lives. This reduces burnout by improving staff experience and efficiency.
To learn more, please review CliniShift CliniShift Brochure and visit the website: www.CliniShift.com.

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