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Merillat cabinets are designed to offer multiple options and solutions to fit the needs of the senior housing market. As a national Merillat distributor, Spire can ship from the nearest factory direct to your location.

Cabinetry is available in three distinct product lines:

    1. Merillat’s premier cabinetry; a semi-custom product line.
    1. Delivers quality and value through a versatile line with multiple upgrades and options.
  3. BASIC
    1. Satisfies needs at a competitive price.

How to Order

  1. You may email a cabinet layout or room dimensions, along with the cabinet style and color, to Tim Clouse at
  2. Spire will provide you with a detailed listing and/or shop drawing of the cabinets and accessories, along with discounted pricing for your order.
  3. Once you receive this information from Spire, if you elect to proceed, you may email a copy of a valid purchase order from your property.
  4. Most cabinets are delivered to the property in three weeks.

There are no minimum orders.


Spire has CAD designers available to assist with kitchen designs. Or, you may submit designs prepared by your architect or staff. These services are included in the price of the cabinets.

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