Success Stories

Delivering Value Through Cost Savings, Efficiencies and Customer Service

I want to highlight some of the attributes we look for and I will comment on how CPS meets these.

  1. Commitment to Integrity, Growth and Innovation — CPS has all of these.  You all are determined to grow but more important determined to grow doing business the right way.  You all are willing to innovate and change with the demands of our profession.   CPS uses innovation which provides significant benefits to the members.
  2. “Feet on the Street” — What I mean here is there are Business Development Managers, Purchasing Consultants, however you phrase the title who are active with the members.  They are working side by side in many cases with the members delivering value thru cost savings, efficiencies, and customer service.   CPS does this.
  3. Communication — The GPO has to be able to have open lines of communication. There needs to be engagement from all levels. CPS does this very well.
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We are very picky on who we will want to partner with.  There are others out there who will partner with every GPO. We will not. Our vision, ethics, structure and shared values back to each other have to be in line before we even consider it.

Thank you for support and partnership!

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